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The Zillionaires
The Zillionaires rang out their first rhythms on the floor boards of the Kinderhook, New York Village Hall in 1988 and have been entertaining dancers and listeners ever since.
This quintet features string swing jazz standards, fiddle tunes, klezmer dance music, and songs new and old. They have played barn dances, contra dances, weddings, garden parties, celebrations and festivals too numerous to mention.

They like to say: “It’s always fresh! We’re still working on the first Million!”

Centered in Albany, New York, the Zillionaires are:

Dave Danks of Saratoga Springs, NY on mandolin, banjo-mandolin, ukulele and vocals – master of a bottomless repertoire of tunes and odd-ball songs. The fulcrum of the Zillionaire Yankee-Swing.

Andy Davis of Burden Lake, NY on guitars and vocals – he of the mellifluous voice, and the well versed proprietor of all styles, from jazz to folk and tango to rock. The indispensable rhythm master and counter point melody maker.

Billy Drislane of Burlington, Vermont, fiddle, guitar, vocals – holds the band together with the repertoire and email lists. Composer of the in-house Zillionaire fiddle tunes and lyrics. Eyes, ears and fingers on the dance pulse.

Dave Ray of Menands, NY, fiddle – the one and only Dr. Jazz, plays the quick notes, the high harmonies, and the improvisations. Klezmer, swing, old-time, contra tunes and pop – he covers them all.

Frank Stettner – of Saugerties, NY on the bass and vocals. The Zillionaire on the bottom, keeps the foundation moving. Sings the high notes.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

And joining the quintet to make the Zillionaire Big band are The Auxillionaires:

Dave Lambert of Schenectady, NY on clarinet, sax and flute.

Steve Sitz of Schenectady, NY on drums.